An opened out fireplace prior to fitting oak legs, an oak mantelpiece and a Woodwarm stove.Lining a chimney with flexible liner, using a roof ladder to gain access.A Hunter inset stove fitted to an original tiled iron surround.A Chesney stove fitted in an existing inglenook fireplace.
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These are examples of the variety of stove installation work carried out for customers in Kent and East Sussex.

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  Clearview stove fitted in Cranbrook, Kent1 The Harleys' house didn't have a fireplace or chimney but they wanted a recessed fireplace that didn't come into the room too far. I first built the exterior skin of brickwork to create a small chimney breast and roofed it over. link Poujolat twin wall chimneys fitted in Cranbrook, Kent2 Before opening up the interior wall I inserted a concrete lintel to support the wall above. When the fireplace was opened up, I lined the inside with bricks, insulating the cavity as I went. link Clearview stove fitted in Cranbrook, Kent3 Once all the brickwork was completed, I made the oak surround out of three separate pieces. I then put up a twin wall chimney on the outside and fitted the Clearview Vision 500 multi fuel stove. rule A stove fitted to a short chimneyThis short chimney needed to be lined and backfilled with granular insulation to help keep the liner warm and create a natural draw. A back boiler can be fitted later to the stove.  
  Clearview stove fitted in Cranbrook, Kent1 One of two Clearview stoves fitted in adjacent rooms in Cranbrook with Poujolat twin wall chimneys. The inside part of the chimney was boxed in and the fireplace then built around it. link Poujolat twin wall chimneys fitted in Cranbrook, Kent2 These are the twin wall chimney systems fitted in Cranbrook for the stoves on the left and right. They go through the centre of the house and are weathered in to the roof with lead flashings. link Clearview stove fitted in Cranbrook, Kent3 The Clearview stove in the adjacent room in Cranbrook that backs onto the stove on the far left. Its twin wall chimney is fitted in the same way. rule A twin-skinned stove fitted on a glass hearthThe damaged wall behind the old fireplace was rebuilt with fireproof board. A surround was made with three pieces of oak. A metal frame was made to edge the opening before lining the chimney and fitting the Clearview stove.  
  A Franco Belge stove with a slate hearthA Franco Belge stove fitted with a slate hearth and chimney lining. The opening was widened and replastered.┬áThe short chimney was backfilled with granular insulation to create draw. rule A Hunter Herald stove with a twin wall chimneyThis Hunter Herald stove has a twin wall system that goes up through a fake chimney breast to ceiling height, then into the bedroom where it is boxed in and then out through the roof. rule A Crown stove fitted in Marden, KentThe customer in Marden had bought this Crown stove from the internet and the hearth was already laid. I supplied all the other materials, lined the chimney, then fitted and tested the stove. rule An opened out brickwork fireplaceAfter removing the existing fireplace, the opening was made larger by taking out some brickwork. The new brick fireplace was built with two oak legs supporting an oak mantelpiece.  
  An inset stove fitted to an original fireplaceThe customer wanted to retain the original cast iron surround and tiles. An inset stove was the best solution. Cracked tiles on the hearth were replaced with perfectly matched new ones. rule A Chesney stove fitted to a 12 metre chimneyA Chesney stove fitted in an inglenook. The chimney was 12 metres tall so a cherry picker crane was needed to fit the lining. There's always a way to reach even the tallest of chimneys. rule A brick fireplace removed in Tenterden1 A fireplace fitted in Tenterden. First the previous brick fireplace, which had an open fire in it, was removed and wiring installed. The new hearth is laid level as the base for the new fireplace. link A Portuguese Lime Stone fireplace assembled in Tenterden.2 The new County Stone fireplace, made of Portuguese Lime Stone, was assembled piece by piece. The Dimplex electric fire isn't the best form of heating, but it was mainly for visual effect.  
  A Woodwarm stove fitted in a built limestone fireplaceThis limestone hearth and fireplace in Staplehurst was built up piece by piece. The Woodwarm stove was fitted after lining the fireplace with heat-resistant board. Isokern liners were already installed. rule A built-in cupboard concealing an original ingelnook fireplace1 Previous owners in Burwash had covered an original inglenook fireplace with this built-in cupboard. Once this was pointed out to the customers, they wanted the old fireplace restored. link An original inglenook fireplace revealed and Charnwood Cove 2 stove installed2 All the plaster on the back and sides was taken off to reveal the brickwork. A York stone hearth was laid, the chimney was lined and the customers' chosen Charnwood Cove 2 stove installed. rule Complete chimney, fireplace, chimney breast, and hearth built, and stove installedFirst, a twin wall chimney was fitted, running up the outside. The brick fireplace was built with an oak beam on top. The fake chimney breast was built with plasterboard, the brick hearth laid, and stove fitted.  
  An old brick fireplace removed1 The brick fireplace was removed back to the wall to expose the original Victorian opening and the old hearth was taken up. link An oak beam installed with a honed granite hearth2 The oak beam was installed and the honed granite hearth laid. The plaster surround was made good, the chimney lined, and the stove fitted. rule A stud work chimney breast constructed1 First the stove and twin wall insulated chimney were fitted. The stove was then removed and the stud work chimney breast was constructed. The brickwork fireplace was built, topped with the oak beam. link Complete chimney, fireplace, chimney breast, and hearth built, and stove installed2 The Indian stone hearth was laid. Conduit was installed for the customers' planned lighting and TV before plasterboarding and plastering the chimney breast. Finally, the stove was refitted.  
  A fireplace opened out between two rooms1 A central wood-burning stove was wanted to serve two rooms. The previous brick fireplace was removed and the wall behind opened out into the adjoining room with lintels inserted to support the walls. link A double-sided stove fitted between two rooms2 The fireplace was lined with fibreboard and the plaster made good on the outside. The Indian stone hearth was cut to size on site and the chimney lined and connected to the double-sided stove. rule 1 Here the customers wanted to replace their open fire and fireplace with one that better suited both the room and their lifestyle. So I first removed the old stone fireplace and hearth. link A white marble fireplace built on a polished black granite hearth2 I then laid the new polished granite hearth and built this white marble fireplace which was supplied in seven separate sections. The new insert is cast iron with a gas fire.  
  A twin-skinned stove fitted on a glass hearthThis free-standing, twin-skinned stove gives off just a gentle heat, which avoids cracking the plaster on the wall. The fact that it's on a pedestal means it can be stood on a glass or thin metal hearth. rule
An existing opening was made larger to take this Stovax Riva Studio 2. A new void was created under the stove for the logs which also incorporated an outside air intake directly into the bottom of the stove.
1 Removing the old fireplace revealed that the opening behind was off-centre and too small for the new stove. Very hard bricks on the right side had to be removed to create the necessary space.
2 I sourced the Medistone fireplace chosen by the customer. The inside of the fireplace was lined with the same stone, the chimney lined and the Heta Inspire 45 stove was fitted last.
  A twin-skinned stove fitted on a glass hearth1 At this property in Sandhurst I took out the old cast-iron insert which was cracked. I also had to take out the low, arched lintel and raise it out of sight without damaging the wooden fireplace surround. link A twin-skinned stove fitted on a glass hearth2 Behind the cast iron insert, I found the brickwork had been ruined to make room for the insert. I made good the brickwork using some spare old bricks the customer had which were a perfect match. link A twin-skinned stove fitted on a glass hearth3 I then lined the chimney and fitted a Chesney's Salisbury 8KW multi fuel stove. rule    
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